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Time for fun!

I've been binge-watching Oz on HBO and it is like The Wire meets Game of Thrones. Characters literally are getting killed every episode. I don't know why I like to watch shows where life is terrible, but for some reason watching prison shows makes me appreciate the good things.

For the past few blogs, I have been posting about mental health and some strategies for thinking to get through this crisis, but the truth is we are in the time of quarantine where routine and schedule is most important. It's actually a good thing if you don't know what day it is at this point in time. That means that you have adjusted your daily routine and time will pass faster.

My family has also made a schedule for game time. My dad and I play a dice-rolling baseball game and recently my family has started playing Catan. Catan is pretty much Monopoly meets Risk, so it does take a good amount of time because there is a number of strategies to win.

Times are getting better and this is a good time to add some scheduled fun to your routine. You want to have something to look forward to every day. This will pass the time as well. I wish my readers good health. Thank you for reading my words.-Matthew John Meagher

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