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It's hot, muggy, and gross outside. Extreme heat sucks. Air conditioning is definitely my friend during this part of Quarantine. The hardest part is the smoke. I feel for the residents near the rampant fires because I feel like I'm inhaling chimney smoke 24 hours a day.

But seriously, with this heat and fire, the smoke feels like another form of smothering. We are already dealing with mental stability, now we have to deal with a tangible form of suffocation. I mean, damn, we're going to be strong after all of this.

I am dedicating this post to "Us". Life sucks right now. It's hard mentally, now physically, and overall it takes a badass to survive this shit. You are a badass!

If you have read my posts, I struggle at times too. I'm fighting with you. We're going to do it. We're going to win. So how do you want to win?

I've been working on thinking about myself in the future, and I want to look back on this time positively. We are a part of history, and like history, we can make our own stories. Be your story, live your life, and most of all...keep being a badass.

Thank you for listening to my words.

Matthew John Meagher


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