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Tricks of the Trade

Let’s Get Back to Basics

-Noun- Person, Place, Thing.

            a. Improper Noun- dog, cat, restaurant.

            b. Proper Noun- Rocko, Garfield, McDonald's

            c. Pronoun- He/She/They

-Verb- Action word.

            -Walk, Run, Jump

-Adjective- Describes noun.

            Ex. Bill is tall. Tall is the adjective describing Bill(Noun)


-Paragraphs centralize ideas and are much different in fiction and non-fiction.

            Fiction: Paragraphs are at the discretion of the writer, but there are some guidelines.

            -Change in character, change in setting, change in speaker, change in event, flashback


Figurative Language

-Figurative language is the bloodline of writers. Practice every one and see which is your best. Then explore!

            Simile- Comparison using “Like” or “As”

                        Ex. Bill was as small as a cat.

                        Ex. Bill was small like a cat

            Metaphor- Comparison not using “Like” or “As”

                        Ex. Bill was a small cat.

            Personification- Human traits to inanimate things

                        Ex. The smoke crept through my nose.

            Hyperbole- Exaggeration

                        Ex. It was hotter than 1,000 suns

            Onomatopoeia- Word/Sounds

                        Ex. Crack! Pop! Boom!

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