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Concrete Wall

As a writer, you are strong in many areas. However, it is important to attempt other genres in order to hone your craft. Even if they are not published, be proud. Here is my first poem, "Sunshine Hope."

“Sunshine Hope”

                She is golden like white silk. Her smile shines.

It’s even better when she laughs.

She’s electric. Her energy fuels the empty.

A dream.

Her essence beams through the dark windows of a man’s soul.

She is sunshine hope.


Like my loveless brothers, I am scarred.

My heart has a shield.

My soul has a cloak.

I am a heart in the dark.


                While I wake in black and live with a torched soul burnt and broken by demons,

                Her voice seeps through the cracks and ignites my simmering flame.

                My life is cold, but I’m warm because I know an angel.


                Dry sunsets melt over my rocky tops, as the humid dew wets her world.

Her land is filled with lakes.

My land is a desert.

                But we share light.


                I’m not her man.

                I may never be.

                But knowing that a woman like her breathes is a gift for my heart.

                She’s my sunshine hope.

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