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Content Editing/Writing Consulting


My name is Matthew John Meagher and I am 34 years old. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Regis University and a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado. My novel Irish Town is available on all formats.


Thank you for inquiring about my services. Writing is quite a daunting task, no matter the genre, and the best way to improve is with support. One day, you will have to workshop this piece with other authors or writers and I want you to be prepared. This will be a partnership. We’ll be a team.

I provide two essential services that often go overlooked in the writing industry. I have knowledge of storytelling, specifically archetypal character development. I can also provide support in professional development in your continued career as a writer.

I work by contract, so you will be getting more hands-on experience. I have included a checklist of my skills for you to peruse and explore.




MARSMEN Ltd. Specialties

  • Development of narrative voice

  • Plot development

  • Realistic/Modern Dialogue

  • Tension building

  • Conflict Development

  • Writing for a variety of audiences

  • Compose narratives of any length for any level of reader

  • Develop and enhance setting throughout a narrative

  • Engaging characters

       -Character Growth, Character Arcs, unique Character Traits

  • Use of theme, symbolism, allusions

  • Blog writing

  • Literacy Development

  • Use of dialogue to progress plot

  • Incorporating inciting incidents

  • Use and power of motif and leitmotif

  • Character irregularities

  • Tone versus Mood

  • Architecture incorporation in setting


Rates: $/Reading (25 pgs. Or 5,000 words)

60$/1 Reading

200$/ 4 Readings

700$/ Full Manuscript (200 pgs.)



What’s next…

I would prefer if you take a look at my list or have specific areas that you feel need work. So a small introduction letter with a brief synopsis would be great. I will need 5 business days. You will receive a content edit of your writing and resource development suggestions along with a personalized critique letter. Welcome to MARSMEN Ltd.

Thanks again. Hope to hear from you!

Matthew John Meagher

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