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*Black Lives Matter...

I want to show my solidarity with everyone in the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, as well as the movement against police brutality. These surfacing videos are atrocious. When I wrote about police brutality in my novel Irish Town, I had witnessed a friend of color be mishandled by cops and I believe WE can do better.


GIFS are my jam. I have a bunch of followers because of my ability to use GIFS. Twitter is ridiculous. So from now on, I will be putting the words I use to search for my GIFS in case any of them resonate and you would use them! Here are my top five!

*Keep on

*Welcome to the Jungle!

*Haters gonna hate



*See ya

I don't know what it is about them, but I love GIFS. They can add light to something dark. I hope they made you smile a little bit during such trying times!

Matthew John Meagher

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