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Custom Dreams!

"Living the dream," is a statement that I have been using in jest and I feel most people do, but yesterday, I experienced a small bit of a writers dream. 34th Parallel Magazine has decided to publish my short story, "Custom Headphones."

I wrote the story during quarantine. Sometimes the greatest content comes from pain.

I am proud to get published. The best part about yesterday was the support from all the people who have been a part of my life in the past, present, and future. It was a joy to see other people care.

The writing world is very daunting and filled with rejection. I am a fiction writer, but I write novels, not short stories. I need to push myself to write something different., something new. Life as a writer is tough, but the challenge I had put on myself paid off. Take a risk, and do something different, because there is literally nothing to do.

I am proud to be published author. I am more proud to have decent people in my life. Thank you for all the support and listening to my words.

Matthew John Meagher

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