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Music, Love, Galore

I wake up in the early hours of the morning to write. I use to hate music while writing. I feel it accentuates a more romantic way of thinking. Having been single for quite a while now, I am starting to discover that I need that sappy stuff sometimes. Love hurts like a headache of the heart and I have avoided it at all costs, but I think it's time to grow up...grow a pair.

I see marriages, houses, and babies all over my social media. I feel like I missed a boom or something. I am only 34, and I feel 50. I get it though. There is so much more to love than just physical attraction.

I'm not sappy or going to sell out for the first girl I see. I just hope there's a girl out there that enjoys a little chivalry. I tried calling a girl the other day and it was like I was the police or something.

It's hard to be single. But, have a romantic heart and am just waiting patiently. While I wait, I listen to a few songs and watch a few movies to tide me over. Here are a few...

I also watch insanely cheesy rom-coms, so here are a few scenes I love...

We are all fighting right now and it's hard to stay mentally strong. A few good songs and movies could help. It did for me. Thank you for listening to my words.

Matthew John Meagher

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