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Stay Strong. Be well. The "Good" will Prevail.

I will be featured in the upcoming weeks as an advocate of mental health while being a writer. I posted my first live reading on Instagram at @matthewjohnmeagherbooks. And I will be a featured writer on a national-platform soon. It's because of you, my readers, and I want to say, "Thank you."

When things were really bad, and I couldn't see hope, I surrounded myself with good people. The world may be a hot mess right now politically, but there are still good people out there. "The Good" will win. We will prevail.

When I was sick, it was dark. There was no hope. The core of me is strong. And because I had good people around me, I was able to climb out of my darkness. It's dark right now. We have to be strong.

It may not be swift. But we WILL succeed. Stay strong. Be well. And we will prevail.

Matthew John Meagher

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