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Thank You

I want to say, "Thank you," for all of the wonderful birthday wishes and support for my first release of Irish Town. I am not going to lie, I was way more stressed about the reception of the public than defending Irish Town in my thesis defense. After completing my last semester, publicizing my book, and of course Quarantine, I had to take a break. From everything.

I grew up in the nineties. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the oldest millennials. So, I remember when there weren't cell phones. Having to use a phone book, dial the phone, and if the person wasn't there, then one would have to wait and hope for when they get home. Let me tell you, I tried going without contact like the old days and it was amazing.

I understand the challenges Quarantine has had on mental health and I want to praise those battling through these times. Everyone deals with challenges in their own way and I know some people were just not prepared for the mental exhaustion resulting from isolation. Get rid of the stress. Find something new. When is there ever going to be a time where it's okay not to disappear? Well, the good kind of "disappearance."

I'm back though. I'm refreshed and ready to get back to writing. The second release of Irish Town is live and available in all formats including now, the Audible version! I worked with actor, Giancarlo Herrera, and I feel he gives my narrator, Jester, a youthful tone that best interprets the narration of my novel. Please feel free to listen below.

No matter your preference, I have included all the links for my novel in this blog.

Thank you again for the continued support and for being my first readers!

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