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To Be Determined...

Hey! How is the Corona Virus treating you? Do you have toilet paper? Too soon?

I thought this isolation was going to be a breeze. Selfishly, for once, the world would experience what I experience daily. Truth is, I miss the world. Before the pandemic, I wrote most of the time and kept to myself. Now I do the same, but the feeling of desolation is palpable(even on the internet).

It takes courage to step outside our doors. It takes courage to trust the people with whom you're isolated. It takes courage to be "you" in a time where you’re suppose to stay hidden. Even though it's been a week or so (even longer for my friends in Europe), I'm proud of the people I have chosen to include in my life.

One of the cool things about this pandemic is that we are ironically being pulled together. Truth is, I need my circle right now. I miss the happiness of others.

I don't write publicly that much. I came out with my novel Irish Town and it's been excruciating waiting for its reception. While I don't know the feeling of being a parent, I sort of understand what it feels like to let your "baby" out in the world. I love Irish Town. And she is alone out there being judged. It kills me.

But I have you, the reader. I have you, my friend. I have you, my family. And most of all, I have Irish Town. Thank you for spending time to read my words.- Matthew John Meagher

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