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A Novel for Everyone

Ashton is a broken downtown, in Powder Valley somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and is trying to survive gentrification from its wealthier neighbor Cherry Ridge. It’s nearly conceding its territory, but their teenage leaders, Irish, Jester, along with Quartermates Benny, Curly, Twitch, and Mars stand in the way. 

Ashton High is the pride of the town and has a cruel but glory-filled history of being past champions of The Powder Match, against the Cherries.  

The Cherries, led by Sonny Gatson, live a life opposite to the kids of Ashton High and he will do anything to keep it that way. 

Rose, a mysterious new resident, arrives with a plan to carry the Ashes to prominence that involves an Olympic level snowboarder, Christmas Daye. 

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Advanced Praise

“Matt is a former fifth-grade teacher. While he was teaching he noticed that many of his young male students were less than enthusiastic about reading. Matt found something lacking not in these potential readers but in the materials that they had access to. He was inspired to write a book that would resonate with young males, a book with plenty of action and heart, and the result was his manuscript, entitled Irish Town.

There are two distinct landscapes in Irishtown.

The first is the external landscape that Matt creates, a dystopia that reflects real-world problems including climate change, substance abuse and issues of class.

The second landscape is the internal one of his main character, a teenage boy named Jeremiah Connelly, nicknamed Jester, through whom the story is narrated. Jester is too clever for his own good, at times crass, cocky and incurably horny; but he’s also fiercely loyal to his friends and maintains a sort of youthful innocence. In this way, Matt has created a character very likely to resonate with many readers in his intended audience.”

- A. L.

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