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Independence Moon

I don't know if any of you went outside and caught the gigantic moon this weekend. It was crazy-bright. You could "play golf at night," type of bright. It was pretty cool and exactly what I needed for Independence Day.

I am quarantined-out and it's impossible not to recognize the civil unrest in our community. But it's moments like the moon last night that one should take a step back and appreciate just being alive. I want so much to just be pissed at everything. But it's easy to be pissed. Staying mentally strong is hard.

I'm not going to get on a soap-box and tell you what to do, I just know what it's like and what it takes to get out of a dark moment in life. Family, appreciating small moments, and hope got me through my tough times.

I am a proud American and will always celebrate our Independence Day. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my words.

Matthew John Meagher

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Jul 08, 2020


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