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Quarantine Friends: Past, Present, and Future

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I have a group of friends who are like family to me. When I was mentally ill a few years back, I almost lost them by things I said or had done, but my true friends stuck around despite it all, and I love them for that. So, I am dedicating this post to my friends.

Brick; I have a friend named Mitch who is built like a brick. Shorter and stocky, his eyes scare the shit out of me. He's a time-bomb, but he'll do anything for his friends. He's a good man. I'm glad I'm his friend because being on the other end of his fist would be brutal.

Joker; I have a friend named Brian that used to be a hot mess. But he was small and funny as shit. He got in a bunch of trouble for partying when we were younger and disappeared from the group. It wasn't until Quarantine, that we caught up. Parts of me wanted to inquire about what the hell happened during the past decade, but just hearing his voice answered all my questions. I was always good at telling a story, but Brian could tell a hilarious tale and I'll keep him in my life for that for sure.

Irish; I have a friend named that Sean that will remain my friend until the day I die. He is a perfect combination of humor and intelligence, and he also good-looking...I guess. I respect him. He does the right things in the midst of madness. He holds true to companionship. And most of all, when I was alone, he was there for me. He's kind of the Leonardo to our Ninja Turtles.

Truth is... we have always been friends, but like most people, we grew apart as we grew up. But it wasn't until Quarantine that we all met up and rekindled our friendship from the past. Quarantine has been a trip and we are always going to reflect on this time one way or another. I just want to ask my readers this question, has Quarantine been all miserable, or are there some good things that may have come out of it?

Matthew John Meagher

Welcome back, Fellas!

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